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President’s Message

New Beginnings And The Letter P

**As an introductory alert, this is not a rerun of last month’s article.**

I wanted to thank the 705 members of the community who took the time and effort to cast their ballot in this year’s election for our Board of Directors. To me, it shows that there is a genuine interest on the part of the community as to how we are guided.

I also want to thank my fellow board members for the opportunity to serve as your president for another year.

Last month my article pertained to the rules of C and at the annual volunteer breakfast I talked about the rules of V. So, I decided to continue with the alphabet, although not in order. As a result of partaking in the election personally and the fact that 62 percent of our residences voted, I felt there was a great deal of community participation. Therefore, this month’s article will pertain to the letter P.

During the vote count, one of the questions that arose at the election meeting three nights ago pertained to the planning and decision making process by the board. Planning involves many steps from the inception of an idea to the final step where the idea becomes reality. There may be individual committee participation, involvement from the Long Range Planning Committee, discussion by the Board of Directors, the establishment of a Task Force, to name a few.

Participation takes time and effort. Many of you do participate on committees and many of you don’t. I realize that the commitment of one’s time is not often easy. However, along with participation comes empowerment.

One of the best public service announcements I have seen in recent years is NBC’s, “the more you know.” In order to learn more about our community, participation in one of our more than twenty committees can provide you with a keener insight on how we operate and how decisions are made.

If you feel that you cannot commit to serving on a committee, why not take a look at the monthly calendar which lists the meeting dates for all committees and sit in on a meeting or two during the year. It may just give you the impetus to join one. The same holds true for our board meetings. While they may be long and tedious at times, each meeting gives a glimpse into the decision making process. There is one afternoon meeting per month and one evening meeting, yet attendance hovers at about three percent at each meeting.

Pride in the community can come in a variety of ways. Participation in a committee or a task force that results in an improvement or a new amenity will most assuredly instill pride in oneself. Right now I might say Pickle Ball, but I won’t. So ask yourself, why not me?

Until next month, that’s all folks.

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